Groupon FAQ

Problems redeeming your Groupon? We've got answers.

When I enter my Groupon code at the checkout, I get an error message! Help!

Check to make sure you’ve chosen either the 10 or 20 GROUPON class pack. If you scroll down the page for the options, you will see the Groupon choices. Your code will only work on the passes specifically designated as "Groupon" passes.

Why do I have to bring in the Groupon to class? I already redeemed the voucher.

Your purchase is a two-step process. Step one is to add the classes to your Bliss Flow account, which you can do on our website (see above). Step two is to redeem the Groupon in the Groupon system. We do this in studio to make sure that it goes smoothly, as once your Groupon is "redeemed" it cannot be reversed.

To make it easy, you can show us your smartphone Groupon App and we will click "Mark as Redeemed".


OR you can print out and bring in your Groupon voucher.